Our battle to be a healthy weight

The world that we live in is encouraging us to eat more and move less at every turn.

High-fat and high-sugar foods are cheap and plentiful.Our jobs and leisure activities involve less physical activity than ever before. We also face numerous temptations every day to over-indulge.

Our bodies are designed to store fat for times of famine and yet we are living in the land of plenty. It’s little wonder that we find it easy to put on weight.It really doesn’t take much for our balance of energy in and out to go out of kilter by just a hundred calories a day leading to pounds and then stones of weight gain over just a few years. And the bad news is that most of us find it incredibly hard to then lose that weight and then keep it off

The big weight-loss myth

Every day a new diet comes on the market telling us that losing weight is ‘easy’ with its quick-fix solution. Count calories, cut carbs, don’t eat dairy, take supplements,fast every other day, only consume liquids... the list goes on.

But many of us have tried time and time again to lose weight and keep it off without success. So why, despite the claims of this billion-pound diet industry, are more than 60% of us overweight? Momenta sets the record straight on why most diets don’t work and can even make things worse.

Why diets aren’t working
    Any weight management expert will tell you that losing weight and keeping it off is tough.Our world makes it very easy for us to put on weight and very hard to lose it – here are just a few of the many reasons why:
  • Transport – we get around by car or bus instead of walking or cycling
  • Work – more of us sit at a desk all day and don’t have active jobs
  • Food – unhealthy snacks and fast food can seem most convenient
  • Hobbies – we spend too much time sitting in front of screens
  • Marketing – just because a product suggests it’s healthy, it may not be
  • Media – it’s hard to know which health messages to be believe

If you have actually managed to lose weight on a diet plan, you’ll know that the results are almost impossible to maintain once you come off it. There’s now new evidence showing why people who’ve yo-yo dieted in the past find it even harder to keep weight off when they lose it.

What’s the answer?

Evidence tells us that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean we have to give up certain foods, be hungry or spend our lives running marathons. It requires healthy eating habits and an active daily lifestyle.

This might sound simple but with so many daily temptations and confusing ‘health’ messages, a promise to eat healthily and move more may last a week or two if we’re lucky.

In order to actually make it happen you need to know not only what to change, but learn how to make changes that will last. That’s why Momenta focuses on both these things.

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Why our weight matters

What many of us often overlook is that being overweight can have a serious impact on our health. Excess body weight, poor diet or lack of exercise increases our risk of many serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and some cancers. Not to mention trouble sleeping, joint pain, incontinence, depression and migraines.

Check your BMI to see if your weight could be affecting your health

Common weight myths

It’s my own fault I’m overweight – I’ve got no self-control
Lots of people think staying at a healthy weight is easy. They’re wrong. In fact, we know that our world makes putting on weight very easy. At Momenta we understand the many complex causes of weight gain and create a supportive environment where no-one is judged or blamed.

“It was unintimidating, non-judgmental and non-competitive. I felt totally at ease.” Patrick, 39, Cotswolds: Lost 20 lbs / 6.9% of his body weight after 6 months

I do everything right but I’m still overweight
Lots of people feel like this, and it’s understandable because there are many confusing messages out there about what’s healthy and what’s not. At Momenta, we’ll help you sort the myths from the reality and look at your lifestyle to identify where you could make changes to start losing weight.

Being overweight runs in my family
While our genes can play a part in how easily we gain weight, weight problems purely due to genetic make-up are rare. Which is good news – it means that with the right support we can all become a healthier weight.

I like how I look so my weight doesn’t matter
At Momenta we concentrate on your health, instead of focusing on losing weight to look good. So while it’s fantastic to have confidence and feel attractive, your weight still has an impact on your health.

It’s easy to see who’s overweight
Sixty per cent of us are now overweight, but when the media runs a story about weight, they often use images of very obese people to illustrate it. This is misleading – your weight can still be affecting your health even if you’re less overweight. The best way to see if your weight might be affecting your health is to check your BMI.

We shouldn’t talk about weight as it’s hurtful
We understand that weight is a very personal and sensitive subject to discuss – even with friends and family. Some doctors even avoid mentioning weight as they’re worried about offending people.

But talking openly about weight can actually help us start to make healthy changes. So we make sure Momenta is a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable discussing weight without feeling judged.