Why run Momenta?
Momenta provides a new and affordable way for people to lose weight and keep it off using the most up to date methods that are scientifically proven to get results. It can help your existing members struggling to take control of their weight and attract new customers concerned about their weight but not yet ready to join a gym.

Developed specifically for delivery from the leisure, health & fitness sector, it is a comprehensive solution that provides everything you need to run a world class weight management programme from your facilities using your fitness staff.

Momenta has harnessed the very latest thinking about how we change and adopt new behaviours in all walks of life. Our team of experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology and physiology, have then applied this thinking to adult weight management.

Working alongside leading operators and fitness professionals, Momenta has been developed and extensively trialled in the UK over the past 3 years. It is cost effective, can be delivered at scale and achieves clinically significant results

    How can Momenta help your organisation?
  • Attract new customers, improve retention or obtain funding: Momenta can help you achieve all three. The initial 12 week course has excellent retention and is suitable for men and women from all walks of life who want to lose weight and make a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle
  • Complete weight management solution: We provide you with everything you need to set up, run and market the programme, from participant resources to marketing resources, classroom teaching aids to operations manuals, and even scales
  • Designed for impact at scale:Momenta enables you to run a successful weight management programme from your facilities whether you have one or one hundred sites
  • Data analysis: We provide tools to record your participants’ progress, measuring a number of health outcomes from weight loss to self-esteem, anxiety, depression and stress
  • Staff training and support:Designed to be run by your current fitness professionals, Momenta focuses on up-skilling your staff in coaching and facilitation skills and understanding behaviour change and nutrition. They are trained and supported by our team of experts and receive comprehensive course manuals with clearly structured lesson plans for each of the 12 sessions
  • Funding: We analyse data and provide you with reports that can be used to both attract funding and inform your marketing campaigns. A number of operators are using their validated data to attract funding.
    Making a difference together?
  • Your facilities offer people a trusted and positive environment where they can participate in Momenta to learn the key skills that they need to manage their weight whilst encouraging them to become more active
  • Improving health: With our data and support you can confidently demonstrate the difference you are making to the health of your local community
  • Continuous improvement: We gather feedback from coaches and customers and draw on the latest research and government guidelines ensuring that Momenta is kept up to date with both specific programme learnings and the latest worldwide evidence
  • Impacting the health agenda: As leading voices in the field of overweight and obesity, we harness the data and learnings to influence the health agenda
  • Opportunity to make a significant difference: We believe that the leisure, health and fitness sector has the potential to help significantly reduce the weight of the nation – far beyond the benefits that exercise alone can bring.
We designed Momenta not just to produce clinically significant results, but also to be operationally viable and commercially successful. It’s a complete weight management solution that’s ready to roll out in your organisation now.

Email us at to find out more about running the programme and information on programme costs.


Becoming a Momenta coach
Momenta is an evidence based, outcome driven adult weight management programme designed to help people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. It is written by experts in the fields of psychology, physiology and nutrition.

We’re actively looking for fitness professionals who are inspired and motivated to help others lose weight in this way – and really care

To be eligible for training you must be on the Register of Exercise Professionals or hold a recognised personal training, fitness or exercise to music qualification. We work with coaches who are employed by a leisure, health or fitness operator as well as independent personal trainers.

Training to become an accredited coach
Momenta training is delivered by some of the best trainers in the country in the fields of psychology, physiology and nutrition. Skills learned and developed in behaviour change and group facilitation will not only help you become an excellent Momenta coach but will also play an important part in other areas of your work.
    We will support you to become an accredited momenta coach with the following:
  • Pre-course reading
  • 3 day classroom based training
  • Comprehensive programme manuals with lesson plans & background reading
  • Assessment to become an accredited coach
  • On-going annual continued professional development
  • Advice and guidance from Momenta weight management experts
  • Access to a secure resources website.
Training is taking place now across the UK. In training you will learn and develop skills in behaviour change and group facilitation. These will not only help you become an excellent Momenta coach, but will also play an important part in other areas of your work.

Additionally, coaches being trained now will have the best opportunity to become one of our top 100 coaches, a Momenta Ambassador and, in time, a Master Trainer

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