Privacy Statement


  • This Privacy Policy relates to information Discover Momenta Ltd (Momenta) may gather from its websites: and (Momenta’s Intranet).
  • Momenta respects your privacy.
  • This notice provides highlights of our full Privacy Statement and applies to Momenta's collection and handling of your personal information.
  • We are committed to providing a secure, user controlled environment to access and explore your health information.
  • This Privacy Policy is to be used in addition to the Terms and Conditions and the Consent Form.

Personal Information

  • When you sign up for our service, Momenta collects and stores Account Information about you, including, but not limited to your name and address.
  • When you attend the Programme, we may collect socio-economic information about you. This information is optional.
  • We also collect Measurement Information like height, weight, waist circumference, eating habits, physical activity, etc. This information is essential to prove the effectiveness of the programme to you. However, you may choose to opt-out.
  • We also collect non-personal information (browser types, domains, page views) on how you use our web site through log files, cookies and Google Analytics.

Uses of Information

  • Momenta collects personal information from you to provide you with our service and for conducting Momenta-authorised research.
  • We use Account Information to authenticate your website visits and usage.
  • We may use the information we collect to conduct Momenta-authorised scientific research and development. We may provide third party organisations access to this information for scientific research, but without your name or any other information that could identify you.
  • We will also use your information to contact you about any information and/ or service that Momenta believes will help your health (for example, information about the government’s campaigns, or new research that sheds new light on the subject, Momenta newsletter, etc)
  • We may also, at times, write to you to seek your feedback to make our offerings better. Participation is optional, and you will have a choice to opt-out.
  • We will not release your personal information to any outside company without your explicit consent.
  • We use non-personal information to track and monitor aggregate usage of our website and for internal analysis, quality control, and improvements to our services.

Your Choices

  • Participation in activities and services that involve personal information beyond initial account and Measurement Information is voluntary and permission-based.
  • It is entirely within your discretion to provide information or answer survey questions.
  • At your request we will delete your account and personal information linked to your account from our systems. However, non-identifiable data already used in research may not be deleted.

Additional Information

How to Contact Us

Questions about this statement, our full Privacy Statement, or about Momenta's handling of your personal information may be emailed to, or
Caldicott Guardian,
Discover Momenta Ltd.
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Coin Rogers,
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