Here’s what some of our recent participants have to say about Momenta...

Sam, 24, Carlisle

As a busy nurse in Carlisle, Sam Wiles found her hectic lifestyle and shift-work was causing her to reach for calorie-laden snacks and quick fat-filled meals. Sam lost 11 lbs over the 3 month Momenta program – and gained a lot in self-confidence. She continued to lose more weight – dropping a further 1 stone 7 lbs and 3 dress sizes in a year.

After 12 months: “I do not have to try that hard as it has become part of my daily routine. I enjoy going out with friends and family and never feel that I can’t eat or drink anything. Thanks to everything I’ve learnt I now make meals in advance so I have more time to exercise and feel so much healthier. I find I have more energy and feel more awake. I still want to lose another stone for my holiday in September but I am now doing it the sensible way. Momenta has really changed my life.”

Sam lost 2 stone 4 lbs / 17.2% of her body weight after 12 months.

Sean, 43, Cotswolds

“The whole Momenta experience has been beneficial, not just about losing weight, but I found the weekly sessions very helpful. With help from the coaches I was able to digest what was being taught each week and incorporate some positive changes (no matter how small) into my lifestyle.”

“I loved the fact that I could set targets each week; the whole thing felt progressive and tailor made to MY lifestyle. Over time the sum of all those changes made me feel better inside and out - and lose weight! Thanks Momenta!”

Sean lost 2 stone / 11.9% of his body weight after 6 months.

Lisa, 38, Penrith

“I cannot say enough good things about Momenta. Lynn was brilliant and made every session fun and encouraged me to join more exercise classes which I love.”

Lisa lost 9.9lbs / 6.2% of her body weight after 3 months.

Karen, 42, Fylde Coast

“Learning a little bit each week and then adding to the knowledge every week has really made a difference to having success on this programme.

I look at the labels much more when I am shopping and I am pleased that going on Momenta hasn’t restricted me eating anything different than my family.

Fran and the team were excellent and the support that I received was fantastic. My next aim is to increase my activity levels and re-join the gym.”

Karen lost 1 stone 7 lbs / 7.2% of her body weight after 3 months.

Patrick, 39, Cotswolds

“I enjoyed the Momenta course because, compared to other weight management courses I have attended, it was unintimidating, non-judgmental and non-competitive. I felt totally at ease and comfortable in the course the environment.

The main benefits of attending Momenta were not only losing weight, but also learning how to make informed choices about what to eat and when to eat. I now have more energy and I am exercising more regularly. I am starting to take control of my weight and my health.”

Patrick lost over 1 stone 6 lbs / 6.9% of his body weight after 6 months.

Louise, 44, Hexham

“My daughter and I joined Momenta and it has changed our lives. We got so much support from Ed and Claire and we learned that the only way to lose weight is through making small changes and not by a quick fix.”

Louise lost 1 stone 11 lbs / 10.1% of her body weight after 3 months.

John, 48, Fylde Coast

“Momenta puts you in control which is much more sustainable than being given a system to follow and then stop. It uses real-life techniques like portion sizes and exercise to help lose weight and keep it off.

I am working at this 7 days a week – all l for just going for 1 hour a week.

The team were totally committed and I received a fantastic service and I continue to do so after the programme has finished as I regularly see the team in the gym.”

John lost 2 stone / 9% of his body weight after 3 months.

Tracey, 46, Carlisle

“Momenta got me into the right mindset to lose weight. There were no hard and fast rules, but more a balanced lifestyle approach. The 12-week course has given me enough knowledge and understanding to put everything I have learnt into practice and hopefully maintain a healthier weight in the future.”

Tracey lost 1 stone 6 lbs / 9.1% of her body weight after 3 months.

Mike, 35, Carlisle

“Momenta was an absolutely amazing course. I have tried many diets in the past but this is the first group weight management programme I have tried. I really enjoyed being part of a group and felt very relaxed in an environment where everyone faced similar issues about their weight.”

Mike lost 1 stone 6 lbs / 15.1% of his body weight after 3 months.

Liz, 51, Alnwick

“I wasn’t a member of Willowburn before, but after seeing it advertised, I decided to give it a go and have been attending regularly since. I am now eating smaller portions and have recommended the course to my colleagues who can’t believe how well I have done.”

Liz lost 1 stone 9 lbs / 11.7% of her body weight after 3 months.