About Us

Our Approach

Discover Momenta is a leading developer of evidence-based, outcome driven, healthy lifestyle solutions.  We design, deliver, license and continuously improve services to help people negotiate the many day to day challenges they face in living healthier lives. We support public, private and third sector commissioners, clients and partners to deliver world-class behavioural interventions in the heart of local communities.

Our team

Our senior team have worked together since 2003, developing programmes and supporting organisations in the UK and around the world to help people make positive and lasting changes to what they eat, how active they are and other lifestyle behaviours. Our clinicians, operations and subject matter experts work together to enable trained local teams, often non-specialists, to deliver cost-effective impact at scale.


All Momenta programmes are evidence-based and outcome driven. We have a thorough internal evaluation process to understand their impact and inform our continuous improvement programme. We also work with academic institutions and other third-party evaluators. 

Why choose Momenta?

Local, regional and national commissioners, leisure operators, businesses and many others have all seen the benefits of choosing Momenta over other evidence-based healthy lifestyle services.

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Our services

Weight Management


Our multi-component Weight Management programme supports participants to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way.  Mapping to NICE guidance and other frameworks it is delivered in the heart of communities by local authorities, leisure providers, employers and others. 

It enables bespoke local delivery of a world-class programme achieving clinically effective outcomes at commercial weight management prices.

Diabetes Prevention


Our Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) supports people with pre-diabetes to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by making sustainable improvements to their diet, activity and weight. 

It is the only DPP selected by both the NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK Healthier You National Framework in England and HSC in Northern Ireland.

Diabetes Remission


Building on DiRECT, our Diabetes Remission programme supports people with Type 2 diabetes to achieve remission. 

Designed for both in-person and remote delivery, we combine a low-calorie diet with a three-stage behavioural intervention, digital support and secure primary care communication.

Healthy Eating


Nearly 11% of all preventable diseases in the UK are caused by a poor diet, which is slightly more than caused by smoking! 

Our light-touch, flexible Healthy Eating intervention is for people who might not need, or be ready for, a full weight management programme.

It separates fact from fiction and supports participants to make healthier, informed choices around what they eat and drink.  

Getting Active


The most widely recognised physical activity guidelines globally recommend that, as a minimum, we should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week. 

With a focus on reducing sedentary behaviour and moving more, Getting Active supports people to build activity into their daily lives by exploring the health benefits of different types of exercise, learning essential skills to make sustainable changes and discovering local activity opportunities.

Exercise Referral


Our Exercise Referral programme combines structured education with practical physical activity. It is designed to build or restore people’s confidence and enjoyment in leading as active a lifestyle as possible, despite any limitations. 

Designed for delivery from both fitness / leisure and community or primary care settings, it helps participants find new and sustainable ways of being active after referral from their GP.

Smoking Cessation


Our Smoking Cessation programmes follow the NCSCT’s Standard Treatment Programme.

Enhanced behavioural support is supplemented by pharmacotherapy protocols enabling both referral and direct supply of Nicotine Replacement Treatment (NRT). 

We also offer Harm Reduction, including NRT and e-cigarettes.

Value-Added Services


Since 2003 our team has actively supported hundreds of implementations internationally, ranging from small pilots to multi-service integrated healthy lifestyle contracts.  We have worked with diverse organisations – from individual health clubs to local, regional and national public health teams – to implement, manage and sustain behavioural lifestyle interventions in their communities.

We have learned a lot and are happy to share.  As a result, many clients  ask us to provide a range of value-added support services.  

Complete solutions

Our programmes are designed to enable replicable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective delivery in the heart of communities by as wide a range of staff and from as diverse a range of venues as possible.

All our programmes are delivered by trained local Coaches. We provide them with training, manuals and kitbags, as well as comprehensive participant resources.   We also supply a range of supporting services if required.