Complete solutions

Participant resources


Coach training and support


Quality assurance and benchmarking


Momenta provides everything needed to deliver world-class service in the heart of local communities.   


 We design, deliver, license and support evidence-based, outcome-driven behavioural lifestyle solutions. 

Our programmes are designed to enable replicable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective delivery by as wide a range of staff and from as diverse a range of venues as possible.

All our programmes are designed for delivery by trained local Coaches. We provide training, assessments, manuals and kitbags for Coaches and comprehensive participant resources, as well as a range of supporting value-added services if required.  All programmes benefit from periodic continuous improvement. 

  We work across third, public and private sectors.  We typically license programmes to minimise the cost per participant by using existing local delivery staff in community venues, leisure centres, workplaces or primary care.  However, if required, we can also deliver programmes directly ourselves, or work with our existing partners for larger contracts.