Value-Added Services

Further information

By definition these value-added services are tailored to a client’s individual circumstances, priorities, opportunities and constraints. Although we have relevant knowledge, skills and experience that clients can benefit from we are not a consultancy organisation. This means that we try to provide as much value as quickly as possible to help you make the most of our core services, rather than trying to sell you larger projects. We can also work with, or signpost you to, specialists if required.  Typical services are illustrated below:

Funding proposals

Where appropriate, we can co-develop funding proposals with you.  We have extensive experience of supporting our partners to describe our programmes and solutions to a variety of commissioners and funders.

Implementation management

You may have the resources to deliver programmes effectively but need some assistance in implementation. We have a particularly strong experience in healthcare and leisure settings and can support planning for effective implementation or, occasionally, lead it on an interim basis. This is crucial to setting programmes up for success. 

Quality assurance framework, training and observations

Once programmes are implemented a robust approach to quality assurance (QA) will help you maximise participant outcomes and experiences and improve the delivery skills across your team. We can simply advise on QA or support you to implement our framework and train your team to undertake QA observations and provide structured feedback. 

Data analysis and comparison to benchmarks

Some organisations that can deliver programmes very effectively are less experienced in analysing results beyond attendance and retention. We can assist with this, or indeed work with deidentified data-sets to analyse your data for you and provide high quality reporting on a regular e.g. quarterly basis. We can also help you understand how your organisation’s performance across various metrics compares to average and where to focus any QA or improvement efforts.

Localisation: From guidelines to sample menu cards to translation

Our programmes are designed for delivery in the heart of local communities and many ways to localise delivery for participants are embedded in the fabric of the programmes. However, if our services really need further adaptation our programme development team can discuss this, for example optimising programmes for a specific population. Note: This will also increase the cost of printing resources as volumes will be lower.

International adaptation

Our team has adapted programmes internationally, addressing a combination of language(s), guidelines, shopping and cooking, climate, built environment, cultures and traditions. 


Our standard programme resources are obviously Momenta branded. However, our services are delivered under a number of different brands.  If you want or need them to comply with different brand guidelines, whether your own or contract-specific, we can discuss the most cost-effective ways to accommodate this.

Working in a public health context

Some non-public health organisations that deliver Momenta programmes, for example leisure providers, are keen to engage (more) with public health and/or primary care. We have significant experience of facilitating mutually beneficial relationships across sectors. 

Customised programme development

Occasionally, if the circumstances, organisational and people fit is right, we will partner with other organisations to develop a new programme, focused on a particular condition.  We are happy to discuss potential projects with you.

In summary

Since 2003 our team has actively supported hundreds of implementations internationally, ranging from small pilots to multi-service integrated healthy lifestyle contracts. We have worked with diverse organisations – from individual health clubs to local, regional and national public health teams – to implement, manage and sustain behavioural lifestyle interventions in their communities.

We have learned a lot and are happy to share. As a result, many clients ask us to provide a range of value-added support services.

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