Our Approach

Non-communicable diseases are now the leading cause of death globally, with a dramatic increase in incidence of chronic diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Although these can largely be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices there is no single solution to addressing the complex and interlinked underlying environmental, societal and behavioural challenges. At global, national and local levels a long-term whole systems approach is required to ensure that the healthy choice really does becomes the easy choice. 

In the meantime, if demand for treatment is not to swamp our stretched healthcare systems, behavioural lifestyle interventions need to be scaled up rapidly to help people navigate their current realities more effectively.  To make a difference at a societal level traditional healthcare professional channels must be complemented with high quality and cost-effective delivery by trained and appropriately supported non-specialists in the heart of local communities, meeting people where they live, work, learn, eat and play.  

Discover Momenta is a leading developer and provider of evidence-based healthy lifestyle programmes.  We design, deliver, license and continuously improve services to help people negotiate the many day to day challenges they face in living healthier lives. 

Our programmes, trainings and resources enable your organisation and staff to give participants the knowledge, skills and support they need to make quantifiable positive changes to their health. Our services range from standalone brief interventions to intensive behavioural modification programmes that optimise sustainable behaviour changes, physical and psychological health outcomes and cost-effective delivery. 

We empower and support a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations and commissioners to deliver world-class behavioural interventions in the heart of local communities.  Our Development Team of behavioural specialists, clinicians, operations and subject matter experts designs and continuously improves the programmes.  Our Master Trainers train your delivery staff – ranging from psychologists, dietitians and exercise physiologists to non-specialists with an excellent knowledge of their communities and an ability to motivate and inspire change – and support their continuing education and quality assurance. Finally, our Account Managers help you get the most out of the programmes.

Our expertise, experience and scalable approach enables us to adapt our solutions internationally, but we remain small enough to really care and flex to each local customer’s unique circumstances. We are passionate about supporting people to make a positive difference to their health and their communities, avoiding or reducing the many challenges of chronic diseases where possible. We will consider a broad range of working relationships to maximise impact.