Our senior team have worked together since 2003, when we first combined behavioural science and healthcare specialisms with licensing, continuous improvement and other techniques from industry to begin to develop scalable, replicable and cost-effective solutions to address the challenges posed by chronic disease. 

We have refined our approach over the last 15 years, working with a core team of specialists to develop, improve, localise, license, train, resource and assist the delivery of world-class evidence-based behavioural interventions. We often share what we have learned at conferences and symposia internationally.

Our team has partnered with hundreds of public, private and third sector organisations across the UK, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands to deliver outcomes at scale across a range of services. 

Our senior team

Harry MacMillan


Chief Executive Officer

Harry has worked in public health since 2003, mainly in the UK and North America.   

In 2013 Harry co-founded Momenta, initially focused on adult weight management, wellbeing and diabetes prevention.  He leads on partnerships and development, with occasional detours such as interim national manager of our DPP for Reed Momenta.

Originally he was CEO of MEND Central, working with a team of specialists on child weight management programmes internationally.  He now serves on the boards of Healthy Weight Partnership, Inc. and MEND Foundation, also a board member of the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.  Harry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. 

Dr Paul Chadwick


Clinical Director

Dr Chadwick is a Clinical and Health Psychologist and Associate Professor at the internationally renowned Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London.  Paul is a co-founder of Momenta.

Specialising in behaviour change and its application to health and well-being he has been at the forefront of promoting evidence-based approaches to behaviour change in the UK and internationally for the last fifteen years. 

As the co-founder of MEND he was responsible for the development of the world’s largest and most evaluated suite of child obesity intervention programmes.  His principal interest lies with realising the potential of behavioural science  to address global problems affecting health and wellbeing. 

Lisa Taylor


Programme Development Director

Lisa co-founded Momenta in 2013. She was previously Strategic Partnership Director at the social enterprise MEND Central, where she conceived and implemented the Momenta Weight Management Programme .  

Since then, Lisa has project directed the creation of all Momenta's behavioural interventions along side version updates of MEND childhood obesity programmes delivered in North America

She has recently adapted the DPP for Northern Ireland and is currently focused on Momenta's Diabetes Remission Programme.

Lisa also delivers training for Momenta and has spoken at conferences in the UK and USA.