Diabetes Remission

Further information

The DiRECT study, funded by Diabetes UK and carried out by Newcastle and Glasgow universities, has generated widespread academic, policy, media and consumer interest in achieving remission of Type 2 diabetes in a defined cohort using a low-calorie diet. Replicating these initial outcomes at scale and broadening access offers profound health, financial and social benefits.

Our Diabetes Remission Programme (DRP) has been developed with guidance from Newcastle University and leading national experts, to support people with Type 2 diabetes achieve remission. Our three-phase approach (Food replacement, Food reintroduction and Sustainability) aligns to the DiRECT model, but it also incorporates a bespoke world-class behavioural intervention.

Additionally, we provide digital support for participants, a secure platform for communication with primary care and specifically sourced and discounted meal-replacement products. Our DRP is designed for both in-person and remote delivery by specifically trained dieticians and practice nurses, liaising closely with primary care.

The in-person DRP comprises an initial 1½ hour ‘Getting Started’ session and 18 x 1 hour sessions, delivered as a ‘closed’ programme to groups of up to 20 people over twelve months. Group sessions are supplemented by structured personal phone calls. 

Coaches attend up to five days of in-person training and receive extensive supporting resources, including comprehensive distance learning, a manual and a full ‘kitbag’ of resources. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook, including a lifestyle logbook, and access to the app with monitoring, content and support.

In summary

Building on DiRECT, our Diabetes Remission programme supports people with Type 2 diabetes to achieve remission. 

Designed for both in-person and remote delivery, we combine a low-calorie diet with a three-stage behavioural intervention, digital support and secure primary care communication.